"I have led retreats at Villa Sumaya for five years, when I am there my body is relaxed, my heart is open, and my spirit is connected with its source. For myself and the participants in my groups, each visit is a transformative experience. The beauty of the setting, the warmth of the staff, and the energies of the lake, the volcanoes and the Mayan culture combine to make Villa Sumaya one of the most magical places I know. "

--Laura Hansen - Art & Soul Studio

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Vacation Packages

Customized Vacation Packages

At Villa Sumaya we want to help you create the vacation of a lifetime.  We have many services and activities to choose from so you can build a holiday that is just right for you. All vacation packages come with room,  1-3 meals, and include taxes.  Below are a few examples of how you can spend a week at Villa Sumaya, but please remember that you can modify these packages or start from scratch.   Contact us, for a complete list of services and activities.

Please note: during our high season and during retreats, meals will be served buffet style at designated times.

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Spanish Emersion Vacation Packages

Treat yourself to a week of learning, relaxation, rejuvenation and adventure. Villa Sumaya offers special packages for those interested in learning Spanish in the magnificent location of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

We have crafted a comprehensive vacation package that would include two to four hours per day of 1 to 1-2 students for Spanish lessons, deluxe accommodations, and 1-3 yummy vegetarian meals per day (chicken/fish is additional). In addition, we can arrange for bodywork treatments, tours and other activities (see our Activity Page). We are also happy to organize your ground transportation.

Prices start at $639 per week for double occupancy, 2 meals per day and a 2-hour class per day (5 days). Please contact us for a quote since prices depend on time of year, type of room/occupancy, length of stay, and number of hours for your Spanish course.

Adventure Packages

Lake Atitlan is an incredible venue for seeing some of mother nature’s most breathtaking creations.Whether you are climbing San Pedro, the tallest volcano that majestically graces the lake, or kayaking on our sea of blue towards a quaint village, you will be awed by its sheer magnificent. We have created packages that honor the adventurous spirit. A week retreat can include kayaking, hiking up a volcano or to other panoramic vista sight, fun dives, bird watching and tours of nearby villages or exciting Guatemalan markets. Our guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable, speak fluent English and will show you the lake from an insider’s perspective.

Packages can include 2-3 delicious meals per day, spa treatments, yoga instruction and even Spanish lessons all provided by gifted and dedicated therapists and teachers. Come and enjoy the fun! 

On the Go Adventure Package

7 nights accommodations, 2 Vegetarian Meals each day, 1 Village Tour on Lake Atitlan,1 Hike Volcano or El Pico de Cielo, 1 Kayak/hike tour,  1 One and half hour Spa Treatment and 22% room taxes

Single: $1108.00 Double: $769.00 each

Extreme Adventure Package 

7 nights accommodations, 2 Vegetarian Meals per day, 1 Village Tour, 1 Hike Volcano or El Pico de Cielo, 1 Biking Tour, 1 Fun Water Dive, 1 One and half Spa Treatment and 22% room taxes

Single: $1259.00 Double: $829.00 ea.

Remember you can create your own package… just write us to find out the possibilities!

Bird Watching Vacations

Villa Sumaya is an ideal location for observing first hand many of the rare and common species of birds that inhabit Central America.  Additionally, as a destination and midpoint, for many birds that are migrating south for the winter, this area offers a unique opportunity for viewing species that are actually native to North America.  Due to the abundance of brilliant flowers, our gardens are home to over a dozen species of humming birds.  Furthermore, our small food forest, which is free of construction and noise, offers several unique vantage points for observing birds that frequent different layers of the forest’s canopied habitats.  Our library offers half a dozen valuable bird identification  guides, and we are always grateful to add new birds to our on- going list of “birds sighted at Sumaya”.  From hawks to blue herons, canaries to blue jays, and pelicans who’ve lost their way from the coast, you’re sure to have many bird stories to take home with you.   For best results and a truly exceptional experience, we recommend taking a tour with one our knowledgeable bird guides, The Solis Brothers.

Here is partial list of birds that can be seen on the shores of our lake: Little blue Heron, Red Tailed Hawk, Horned one, American Coot, Common Moorhen, Spotted Sandpiper, Squirrel Cuckoo, Lesser Road Runner, Pheasant cuckoo, Fulvous Owl, Yellow-billied cuckoo, Rufous Saberwing (hummingbird), Green Violet-ear (hummingbird), Xantux’s Hummingbird), Green-throated mountain-gem, Sparkling-tailed hummingbird, White Eared (ummingbird), Azure-Crowned Hummingbird, White winged Dove, Inca Dove, Blue throated Motmot, Great Crested Flycatcher .

Sample Package

6 nights Accommodations, 2 Vegetarian meals per day, 3 three hour Bird Watching outings with guide,  1 Village Tour, 1 one and half hour Spa Treatment and taxes.

Singles – $1008  Doubles – $739 each

Summer Vacation Packages

From June 1st to October 31st you can take advantage of our summer pricing. We offer a 5%-15% discount depending on what you would like.  Contact us, for more info and our vacation package kit.


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