"Villa Sumaya is both a sensual delight and a place for real work; a supportive environment where your inner work is held in a space of incomparable natural beauty. Remarkable!"

--Dave Adiar

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Villa Sumaya offers a wide array of group retreats for you to choose from.  Please contact the group organizer listed below each description. Retreats listings are continuously updated, so please check back or contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.


November 2 – 12th    Metsa Niwue  ~ Ceremony and  Meditation Retreat

Our Intention  is to inspire in you a New Kind of Awakened Consciousness—through ceremony, silent meditation, and group consciousness dialogue we will journey and create to­gether an inspiring vision for ourselves and our local and global community—one that is rooted in ancient shamanic wisdom and the language of nature and calls us to our greatest present and future potential. This is a one-of-a-kind retreat, combining indigenous traditional knowledge with contemporary spirituality, offering connection to our deepest and most authentic self.  

Our Retreat offers:  * Participation in four Amazonian plant medicine ceremonies

* Involvement with two Sacred Fire ceremonies with local Guatemalan Shamans

* Personal cultivation through extensive time of silent meditation and Qi Gong.

* Sharing in group consciousness dialogues with a renowned meditation teacher
Our Facilitator: Metsa Niwue (‘Good Wind’ in Shipibo) is a well known and highly regarded practitioner in the field of Amazonian plant spirit practices and traditions. He has been exposed to and trained in South and North American indigenous healing ways for nearly two decades. As Reiki master, Sundancer and healer, he brings today to the modern contemporary world the awakening to what he calls the language of nature.

Contact Information: guatemalaorganizer@cavcircle.org   We hope that you can take advantage of this special opportunity for deep healing. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


November 15 – 22   with Debbie Mathew

En-Lighten Your Being Yoga Retreat

DebMugHIJoin a small group of adults to explore your inner world within a beautiful setting, conducive to restoring and having fun.  For 6 days you will engage in daily yoga: breathing, postures, guided visualizations and meditation, with a focus on cultivating life enhancing qualities: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Equanimity & Beauty.  The daily inner practices will set the stage for you to return home to yourself, and return to where you live with a practice to help sustain you within this space of lightness and centered presence.

You will also have plenty of time to explore the local environment.  There is access to water activities (swim, kayak…) and adventures such as hiking the hills or volcanoes, birding, craft &/or market tours, zip lining, shaman protection ceremony, cacao ceremony and massage/spa services.

The 7th day and night will be in Antigua, an historic colonial town (on the registrar of UNESCO heritage sites), where you can explore the best of Mayan culture in a magnificent town, filled with amazing architecture, crafts, food and museums.

Your experienced guide, Debbie Mathew, has been doing yoga since 1981; she is an ERYT (=experienced registered yoga teacher), which means over 1000 hours of teaching beyond the 200 hr. training.  She also does private yoga therapy, having completed a 500 hour Yoga Therapy Certification in 2012. She has hosted several retreats (Hawaii, Mexico), loves to travel and teach, and looks forward to serving you before and during the retreat week.

Included in the Package at Villa Sumaya:

  • 6 nights of accommodation at Villa Sumaya, in the Lotus House, or bungalow.
  • 3 vegetarian meals per day (inquire about special dietary needs); fish/chicken extra
  • 24 hour availability of filtered water, tea, coffee.
  • 1 or 2 Daily yoga practices in the beautiful outdoor yoga pavilion.
  • Mayan shamanic ceremony.
  • Assistance and advice for hikes, tours, etc.
  • In Antigua  Hotel accommodation for 1 night and assistance with activities and travel to/from Antigua

Pricing:      Early Bird: Before Sept. 10, 2014            / After Sept 10, 2014.

Triple:                        $1495                                    $1695

Double:                     $1695                                    $1895

Single:                        $1895                                    $2095

$50 off if total amount in a check is received by August 10, 2014

 $50 off for each person if you bring a friend along.

For more information, please go to            http://www.yogaoasis.biz/retreats.php

Direct all questions to Debbie via email:  debbiemathew@aol.com

November 16-21 Roy Holman – Yoga Retreat

Guatemala, the land of eternal spring, is located on the southern border of Mexico. It is the only country in Central America that still has a largely Indian population, which still holds true to its Mayan culture, religion, costume, and community values.Lake Atitlan is located in the heart of the Guatemalan highlands. The lake is spectacular, enchanting, and ringed with volcanoes, mountains and Indian villages. Sit and be still, while enjoying the stunning displays of light upon the water.Villa Sumaya   located on the shore of Lake Atitlan, is our home for 5 of the 12 nights. It is located just a short boat ride from Panajachel, a good town for shopping. The retreat center sits right on the lake, near the Indian village of Santa Cruz, with few distractions and little noise. Delicious Guatemalan meals are included. Wonderful setting for our sunrise and sunset yoga, guided meditations, Oneness Blessings and trainings and playshops. Also hikes, shaman ceremony, village visits and other options, with still plenty of time for reading, relaxing, and reflecting.  We offer comfortable and clean accommodations, cultural experience, affordable travel, full country tour, gorgeous settings, delicious food, compassionate teachings, sacred ceremony and rituals, and personal service.

Roy HolmanThis trip is more than a yoga retreat, and will include a tour and cultural introduction to Guatemala and its amazing Mayan Indians. We will also stay 3 nights in Antigua, 1 in the capital, 1 in Tikal, 1 in Yaxha, and 1 in Chichicastenango for the colorful market and ceremony. The Tikal & Yaxha ruins visit includes a flight to and from Guatemala City. This year we are also adding a visit to the amazing ruins of Yaxha, near Tikal!Lots of wildlife, jungle and sacred sites.

Roy Holman has practiced and taught yoga and meditation for 15 years. He teaches a grounded, breath-connected, traditional, flowing, meditative Viniyoga-inspired style of yoga, and includes pranayama (breathing) and meditation. He is also trained in India at Oneness University as a Oneness Blessing giver and trainer.  He teaches with compassion and joy. He also lived in Guatemala for 3 years doing human rights work until 1995.

To learn more about the retreat and Roy go to:  http://www.holmanhealthconnections.com

November 22-29 –  Gracy Obuchowicz & Ann Friedman – Yoga Retreat

Over the course of seven days on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, we’re gonna disconnect from the cacophony of the internet and our daily lives, get in touch with our bodies, and draw out our voices. With an empowering combination of yoga and writing exercises, Ann & Gracy will create a space where it’s possible to get vulnerable, dig deep for your unique perspective, and learn how to communicate it to the world in a clear, direct, and authentic way.
Price: $1350 shared room, $1650 private room

What’s included (in the prices listed above):
-Seven nights accommodation at the beautiful yoga retreat center
-Three vegetarian meals daily (vegan options available)
-Daily yoga classes and writing instruction from Gracy & Ann

Extras (you pay on your own):
-Your flight and transportation from the airport to the retreat center
-Excursions and spa treatments
-Internet, booze, tips for the staff

To secure your spot, you’ll need to pay a $500 deposit. The full balance will be due on October 15, 2014. Please email gracy.obuchowicz@gmail.com for payment details.

Questions? Write us at ann.l.friedman@gmail.com or gracy.obuchowicz@gmail.com

ann friedmanAnn was a magazine editor for six years, which means she’s spent most of her career as a writing teacher. These days she’s a freelance writer herself, publishing a weekly column on New York magazine’s website and a biweekly advice column for the Columbia Journalism Review. She also makes pie charts for The Hairpin and Los Angeles magazine. Her words have appeared in many other publications, too. Her email newsletter has been called “the only mass email I actually open every week” by many subscribers. She speaks to other journalists about making media in the digital age and has contributed to a few books on the subject. She is terrified of doing yoga in groups and so this retreat is going to be suuuuper interesting.

gracyGracy went to her first yoga class when she was eight years old and continues to be fascinated. She completed a 200-hour YogaWorks certification in August 2009 and her 500-hour YogaWorks certification in February 2012. Gracy is a Senior Yoga Teacher at Yoga District in Washington, DC, as well as teaching at the Department of Justice and the International Monetary Fund. Gracy’s classes are the kind you look forward to going to—challenging and centering with great music and a healthy dose of humor. Her teaching focuses on connecting movement to the breath, bringing attention to proper alignment, and a soulful application of yogic philosophy that centers on self-love and compassion.

to learn more:  http://youdoyou2014.tumblr.com/about

December 20-27 – James Tenant – Yoga Retreat

Unwind, Nurture, Renew Yoga Retreat 

JAMES TENANTTake a break from the holiday season and give yourself the gift of one week soaking up the beautiful surroundings of Lake Atitlan.

Unwind. Enter an environment that encourages the body and mind to detach and relinquish the tension that can build up throughout our daily lives, especially around the winter months and holidays.

Nurture. Feed the senses with an exquisite landscape and strengthen your connection with nature. Nourish the body with 3 healthy meals, prepared for you daily. Begin each day with a thoughtfully led yoga class and give your mind and body the gift of balance and health.

Renew. Move into peace, collect yourself and enliven your spirit.

About me: Over the past 16 years I’ve been traveling the world practicing yoga and studying with some of the world’s most renowned teachers of yoga, ayurveda and tantra. I currently live in Chicago, IL  and about 5 years ago opened  Tejas Yoga, a studio on the south side of the city. I offer basic-level and continuing education for teachers, I am an ayuvedic consultant  and an ordained reverend. I’m excited to share the culmination of my learning with you during the retreat. For more on me go to: http://tejasyogachicago.com/teacher/james-tennant/

I’ll be offering daily morning yoga classes and, if you choose to join, be leading some fun adventures throughout the week. If you’re looking for an over-scheduled, wake up at the crack-of-dawn, power vinyasa yoga retreat, this is not for you.

My desire is not to bog you down with class times, events and plans. I want you to be able to create your dream week. Relax as much as you want, be adventurous, enjoy the local culture and markets, relish in the practice of yoga and give yourself permission to unwind. With that being said, the week will have forethought and a heart-felt intention permeating through it every day. The idea is to organize the retreat enough to minimize the  amount of planning and thinking on your part…only choices to be made. I’ve set up multiple pricing options based on the lodging and your participation in group excursions to accommodate many budgets.

For more information on pricing and details on lodging go to: http://tejasyogachicago.com/guatemala-retreat/


December 27 – January 3 2015  with Akasha Ellis

New Years Bhakti Yoga Retreat

1429741395-1[1]Come Open your heart and expand your awareness for the New Year with yoga for your body, mind, and soul as Akasha and friends present a wonderful Bhakti experience you’ll never forget. We will fill our days with Yoga and set our intention to heal ourselves, those around us and mother earth. Mornings will begin with a group sadhana (kundalini yoga,chanting/meditation/ and pranayam) followed later by a led Ashtanga/Vinyasa flow session. Afternoon’s we will meet once again to practice a restorative and/or Kundalini set that will leave our muscles relaxed, our hearts open and our minds and bodies ready for a restful night.

akasha head shotThis retreat is open to all levels. To learn more about Akasha’s click here http://birminghamyoga.com/portfolio/akasha-ellis/ There will be time to play, explore, relax and enjoy our surroundings. The center features a hot tub, sauna, a spa to receive a massage, places to hike, a beautiful lake to swim and kayak and villages to explore for a nice day trip and plenty of wonderful spots to relax and become present. Contact: akashaellis@gmail.com

January 3 – 10th  –  Villa Sumaya’s Wellness Retreat – Yoga and Cooking

                                          Sinking into  Lovingkindness and Inner Balance. 

Please join us for this Wellness Retreat  by treating yourself to an opportunity to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  Start and end each day with a gentle movement or mindfulness practice with Krystalyn in our Tara temple where you’ll be inspired by a panoramic view of stunning Lake Atitlan. Additionally this year we’re offering an experience of culinary indulgence, featuring a shopping tour of the local market followed by a hands on cooking demonstration by international culinary expert Patricia. She will emphasize how we can incorporate and thrive using fresh local produce to create simple, delicious meals!

7 Nights accommodationsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3 Wholesome family style vegetarian meals
Village Tour featuring naturally dyed hand woven textiles
2 Daily movement & mindfulness classes
1 Sauna
Unlimited hot tubs (sun permitting)
Tips at Villa Sumaya
Single occupancy     $1,399
Double occupancy  $ 1,100 each

 January 4 - 11  _ Ernesto Ortiz

New Year’s Retreat in the Mayan Highlands

Ernesto 3

Join us for an intimate Psycho-spiritual Integration workshop where we will celebrate the New Year and consciously let go of all and opening opportunities for revolutionary growth and dynamic change in your life.

The centerpiece of our Retreat will be two Medicine Plant ceremonies in which we will set up a positive personal intention as well as a universal intention for the world, for our beautiful Pachamama, as we enter 2015!!! This is an opportunity to be with a conscious group of people doing conscious personal and planetary work.

We will have Meditations, Rituals, Mayan Ceremonies, Satsang, Dance, walks in the forest, delicious vegetarian meals, and plenty of time to relax, get a massage or two and contemplate Lake Atitlan, also known as “The Mirror of the gods” the nickname that I give it is “The Playground of the Gods. Believe me this powerful vortex will accelerate your karma and enhance your dreams.

What to expect:

  • Two powerful teacher plant ceremonies
  • Satsang, time to integrate and share, group processing
  • Shamanic journeys lead by Ernesto
  • Mayan protection ceremonies lead by our Local Shaman
  • Despacho ceremony
  • Integrative ~ Holotropic Breathwork
  • Soul retrieval
  • Discover Your Mayan Nahual and journey to integrate him/her
  • Dance of Discovery
  • Daily meditations and Mantras
  • Free time to integrate get massages or enjoy the magic of the mountains

For more retreat info: Journey2theheart.com Contact: Kiva101@aol.com for more information or to register.

January 17 – 24th    Merav Ben Horin and special guest Yotam Silberstein

Renew and Unwind- Yoga & Meditation with Live Healing Sounds

Please Join us for our annual warm winter retreat in Guatemala! Escapee the cold winter of your crowded city and comem+Y recharge, renew and rejuvenate on the gorgeous grounds of Villa Sumaya. Enjoy daily extended yoga and meditation sessions, amazing fresh and healthy food, and plenty of free time for hiking, taking a swim in the lake or in the pool, dipping in the hot tub or sitting in the hammock and absorbing the gorgeous views. This week will be a journey to finding profound peace inside and out by connecting to nature, breath, music and movement. The retreat is perfect for beginners to the more experienced practitioners.

Your retreat includes:

2 extended yoga sessions daily ( including asana, pranayama and restorative), sunrise pranayama and meditation, a few extra yoga classes with live healing music by world renowned musician Yotam silbertsetin, 7 nights accommodation at Villa Sumaya, 3 trips to near by villages, daily fresh vegetarian meals and mayan fire ceremony. Optional amazing spa treatments are available for extra cost.

(Early bird discount on registration by Oct 17th)
*single early bird $1850, thereafter $2050
*Double early bird: $1350, thereafter $1550
*Triple early bird $1250, thereafter $1450

* a nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve your spot.

* Airfare and transportation are not included, however, a private shuttle will be provided to and from the airport in Guatemala City or Antigua.

* For more information go to: www.yogamerav.com      Contact: info@yogamerav.com


January 24 – 31st     Ashleigh Beyer and Liz Passman

 “Chakras and Chocolate”

liz passmanJoin Ashleigh Beyer and Liz Passman for a exquisite week of rejuvenation and inspiration on the shores of Lake Atitlan. On this seven day retreat, you will journey into openness and freedom through the power of physical yoga, breath-work, meditation and cacao. Using these practices, we will explore and open the seven chakras. Each day will begin with a morning flow class and each evening will culminate with a restorative class. Find balance between effort and ease, moving and then ultimately, letting go. After connecting to source and highest knowing: on the last day, we will participate in a Cacao ashleigh beyerCeremony with a Chocolate Shaman. Allow sacred cacao (chocolate in its purest form) to assist your transformation and continued journey as you take your practice out of retreat setting and back to home setting. Optional group excursions to the gorgeous nearby volcanoes and into town for market can also be apart of your week as well any of the renewing therapies offered at the Harmony Spa. Of course, there will also be plenty of time to commune with yourself, your book and to just contemplate the sky, sitting by the lake, lounging in a shaded hammock, or relaxing in the hot tub.

The retreat package includes:
* A 7 night stay at the gorgeous Villa Sumaya
*  3 delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals daily
* 2 yoga classes a day
* A Sacred Cacao Ceremony
* Unlimited Tea and Coffee Service and Filtered Drinking Water
* Guatemalan Taxes
**We can accommodate gluten-free/dairy free upon request

Add-On Options Include:  * Any/all of the 3 Planned Group Excursions; * Any/all of the fabulous treatments offered in the Harmony Spa;  * Chicken or Fish added to meals

This retreat is perfect for all levels of yoga experience; it is ideal for any and all ages, families, friends, couples, or individuals who want to come by themselves. It is a perfect opportunity to continue with your already strong daily practice or to jump-start your 2015 commitment to yourself and your health. These practices combined with this awe-inspiring and healing setting will transform you. Please join us!
Please email Ashleigh at ashebey@gmail.com or Liz at rosehoops@yahoo.com with any questions and/or to sign up today!  Ashleigh’s website is:http://beyerbest.com

*Airfare and ground transportation not included* *Ground transportation can be easily arranged through Villa Sumaya*

Pricing:     *rates depend on occupancy and room availability*

 Early Bird Discount: If you sign up by October 1st:  Prices range between $1,200-$1,520    A Screaming Deal!

After October 1st:  Prices range between $1,375-$1,695

January 31 – February 7      Lauren Ohayon ~ Winter Renewal Retreat

Spend one week in magical Lake Atitlan and reboot your system, recharge your batteries and bring yourself into a place of pure radiance and total rest for long lasting effects on your body and nervous system. This retreat is designed for you! During this week you will use yoga, Pilates, restorative exercise, meditation and nutritional support to align all of your body systems into a place of harmony so that your WHOLE self will be glowing, relaxed and renewed. It is a unique opportunity to come back into yourself, to feel totally nourished, and nurtured on  physical, emotional, and nutritional levels.

About Lauren Ohayon:lauren Ohayon resize

Since 1998 Lauren has been studying anatomy, biomechanics and movement and offers workshops and classes worldwide on alignment, pain, posture and structural mechanics. Lauren is a life-loving, yoga-practicing, anatomy hack who relishes in constant learning, good food, good company, and lots of laughing. Lauren created Holy
Shift as an educational and experiential platform to be able to cut through a lot of the murky information regarding alignment, aging and health and give people factual body and science based information for longevity of their bones, muscles, organs and tissues. Read more about Lauren, Holy Shift, and this retreat at www.holyshiftyoga.com


January 31 – February 7      with Momi Jhung – Iyengar  Yoga Retreat

momi-for-bio Join Momi for an Iyengar Yoga Retreat at the Villa Sumaya Retreat Center on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.  

 The retreat includes: daily yoga and pranayama classes,  7 nights accomodations and  3 vegetarian meals daily at this stunning resort on the banks of Lake Atitlan.

For more information about Villa Sumaya visit www.villasumaya.com or feel free to call or email Momi with any questions –
momi@yogawithmomi.com or 952 237 8162. This retreat will fill quickly so please register early

                                                       For more information go to: http://www.yogawithmomi.com/workshops-and-retreats

February 7 – 14     with Patricia Lewis and Jacqueline Sheehan

                                             Writing and Yoga Retreat

Join Patricia Lee Lewis and Jacqueline Sheehan for a week of creativity and inspiration along the shores of Lake Atitlan.  Writing, yoga and the transformative power of experiencing another country are the perfect combination to bring your writing to the deepest part of yourself. Patricia and Jacqueline will lead daily writing workshops and JanePatricia Laughing Mortifee will offer yoga each morning.

Who should come: Anyone who wants to write in one the most beautiful settings on earth, in an area steeped with ancient Mayan wisdom, on the sacred shores of Lake Atitlan.

Patricia and Jacqueline have worked together since 2001, leading retreats in Guatemala, Ireland, and the UK. They have spent years traveling in the Mayan Highlands and have returned again and again to Villa Sumaya because of the beauty of the retreat center and the expertise of the staff. Last year they added the incomparable, multi-talented Jane to the team.

Jacqueline SheehanAbout the Staff:                                

Patricia is an award-winning poet and director of Patchwork Farm, a center for writing in Western Massachusetts. Jacqueline is a New York Times best-selling author of five novels and numerous essays. Jane is a certified yoga instructor, professional singer, and actor.



Cost: $2050 (double occupancy)  includes:          

7 nights, 8 days shared occupancy (single rate extra)

3 meals daily, deliciously vegetarian

Individual manuscript critiques

Fire Ceremony with Mayan Healer

Private van RT from Antigua

Private boat from Panajachel

Private boat from Panajachel

Daily writing workshops

Daily yoga

For detailed information, go to www.writingretreats.org/Retreats/International/Guatemala


February 8 – 14     with Wendy Wilson and Rachhpal Gill

                                            Yoga Retreat


February 14 – 21   with Laura Hansen  


Come nurture yourself and your creativity on the shores of magical Lake Atitlan.

*Expand your creativity and nurture your artist’s soul in community with other women.

 *Access your deep wisdom and come home to yourself.

 *Rediscover creativity as play.

*Experience Guatemala’s rich culture, learn about its history and sacred traditions.

 Art making and creative expression are practices in listening deeply to ourselves and coming home to that which is most true and essential in us. On this retreat we will be nurtured by nature, yoga, and the creative process as we play and create using the SoulCollage® process.

 On this retreat daily gentle yoga and expressive movement will open our bodies and support our creative unfolding.  Meditation practices will open our hearts and cultivate mindfulness, and the SoulCollage® process will deepen our connection to our soul and our innate wisdom.

SoulCollage® is a creative and intuitive process of creating a personal deck of unique, collaged cards that express various aspects of ourselves.  SoulCollage® draws from both Jungian psychology and Native American shamanic wisdom and fosters creative renewal, self understanding, self acceptance, and soul-tending.  SoulCollage® is both a fun form of creative play and a profound transformational process. Absolutely no experience in art, or yoga is necessary!  All levels of students are welcome, and all are made to feel comfortable in both the art making and the yoga.

To soak in the riches of this beautiful and gentle culture, outings and excursions are arranged to visit nearby traditional Mayan villages, artisan markets, a women’s weaving collective, and market towns.  There will also be abundant free time for artmaking, swimming or kayaking in the lake, sitting in a hammock in the lush gardens of the retreat center, writing in your journal, or reading a book.

Laura Hansen

Laura Hansen, MSW, is an artist, Expressive Arts facilitator, Professional Coach, and former business executive. Her creative life and meditation practices have provided her a way to navigate through life’s challenges and transitions. She now facilitates others in their creative and spiritual journeys and is especially interested in the intersection of art and spirituality. She creates safe and nurturing environments where people can learn to listen to their intuition and rediscover how nourishing it is to engage in creativity as play. Her background includes a Masters in Clinical Social Work, a degree in Studio Arts, twenty years of yoga and vipassana meditation practices, graduate studies in Expressive Arts, and she is a Professional Certified Coach.

For more information visit our website at www.artandsoul.us.com or to register email laura@artandsoul.us.com

“If you’re ready for a creative journey that will alter your

life for the better, there’s no better guide for that journey

than Laura. It would be a gift to your soul to be in her


 – Jan Phillips, Author of Marry Your Muse

February 21-28th  with  Tracey Moon and Sharon Nash

Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat

Cultivating Inner Stillness in a Chaotic World

Many of us are slowly waking up to the realization that we have cultivated frenetic and busy lives which keep us in TM cropconstant motion from the moment we wake up until we collapse into bed, exhausted and depleted at the end of the day. Our bodies run on automatic pilot while our minds are busy processing an endless stream of to-do lists, anxious thoughts or strategizing an escape plan! We have increasingly placed more value on doing and in the process have forgotten the value of simply being. What if there was a different way to be in the world?

SN cropIn this retreat we will teach you simple tools designed to help you reconnect to yourself and experience more health, happiness and resilience. We will explore practices such as meditation and mindfulness, breath awareness, movement and sound healing. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, ALL are welcome! Come join us for a week on the magnificent Lake Atitlan in the Western Mayan highlands for meditation practice, cultural tours, hiking, rest and relaxation at one of the most beautiful lakes in the world!


* 8 day / 7 night retreat with accommodations
* Three healthy vegetarian meals daily
* Daily meditation practice, group sessions and movement classes
* Mayan ceremony performed by indigenous Tzutujil Shaman
* Onsite Harmony Spa with massage, energywork, , sound healing, breathwork, Ayurvedic consultation, facials and    more!
*Cultural tours to local Mayan villages
*In-country travel assistance provided by Tracey & Sharon
* Massage Therapists receive 21 NCBMTB continuing education hours

Early registration price $1299 double accommodations with $200 deposit before November 1st; after $1399.         Single accommodations available for an extra charge

For FAQ’s, more information and to register: www.traceyjmoon.com

February 28 – March 6  with Kate Amoss and Ginny Going ~

InterPlay Women’s Retreat

Travel with Kate and Ginny to Villa Sumaya Retreat Center on the shores of magnificent Lake Atitlan in the heart of Guatemala. Treat yourself to a unique opportunity to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, heart and spirit in the shadow of three majestic volcanoes. Do everything or nothing. Come to wonder at the beauty of the world and find wonder in yourself. (Space limited to 12 participants)

For six days at Villa Sumaya enjoy the creative practices of InterPlay, relax in the sun, swim, eat wholesome delicious food, take a trip to a women’s weaving collective, enjoy hot tub, sauna and massage, and offer Inter-Play to local residents. We end this unique InterPlay experience in the colonial city of Antigua. A UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Antigua is known as the best-preserved Spanish colonial city in Central America, nestled between three volcanoes, full of colorful traditions, folk art, textiles and beautiful architecture.


Kate AmossKate Amoss is a master InterPlay teacher, psychotherapist, and sneaky deep community facilitator. Along with her husband, Billy, she leads the InterPlay Life Practice Program in Washington DC.  katamoss@gmail.com

Ginny GoingGinny Going is a master InterPlay teacher, community artist and recovering serious person. She leads events focused on embodied spirituality and co-leads InterPlay intensives with her husband, Tom Henderson

Retreat Includes: 

(6) Nights & all meals at Villa Sumaya,  (1) Night hotel in Antigua + breakfast,  Daily InterPlay sessions, Excursion to women’s weaving collective,  All ground transportation

*Not included in price: flight, meals in Antigua, spa services and additional tours at Villa Sumaya


Before 12/28: $1,200 double occupancy*

$200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space

$500 payment due 12/28/14 & 1/28/15

After 12/28: $1,400 double occupancy*

$700 ($200 non-refundable) to reserve your space

$700 payment due 1/28/15

 March 14 – 24   Ernesto Ortiz ~ Akashic Records Retreat EO India Lingams

Join Ernesto Ortiz, author of The Akashic Records ~ Sacred Wisdom for Transformation, for an Inner exploration of the self in the land of the Mayas, where the Sacred Prayer magical came from.

Explore the magestic beauty of Lake Atitlan, nicknamed “The Mirror of the Gods”, colorful markets, unique indigenous cultures, Shamanic ceremonies for protection by local Shaman and much more… You will have time to inegrate, walk aroud the Sacred Valley, get healing treatments and delicious massages. And we promise you’ll have lots of time to rest, play and explore on your own.   For more information see: http://www.journey2theheart.com              Email: kiva101@aol.com

This trip will be one that will impact you the rest of your life!!

March 14 – 21   Ingrid Marcroft  and  Stephan Kolbert

Yoga & Culture in Guatemala

Ingrid & Stephan croppedJoin Ingrid & Stephan in what Aldous Huxley called, “one of the most beautiful places on the earth,” for yoga, meditation, and an opportunity to celebrate the Spring Equinox surrounded by Mayan culture. Just a three-hour shuttle ride from the Guatemala City Airport, Lake Atitlan is well worth the travel and adventure! We will stay at a resort located right on the lake and surrounded by three volcanoes and the splendid beauty of 12 Mayan villages. Immerse yourself in the healing aspects of Nature as you partake in morning meditations, one or two yoga classes daily (active and restorative), three gourmet organic meals a day, a beautiful day hike to El Pico de Cielo, and a visit to the enchanting Chichicastenango Market. There will be free time for therapeutic treatments, a swim in the Lake or pool, sauna, hiking in the mountains, excursions to local towns, and just sitting in a hammock, basking in the gorgeous surrounding views.

Pricing Includes

  • 7 nights accommodation in a shared room
  • All meals (gourmet, organic, vegetarian)
  • Daily yoga and meditation with Stephan & Ingrid
  • Solar heated pool and hot tub
  • Tea, coffee and purified water
  • Two Group Excursions
  • Taxes

Pricing : Per Person $1795 (*$2095*Price increase after January 15, 2015)

Stephan Kolbert & Ingrid Marcroft

Stephan W. Kolbert and Ingrid A. Marcroft are spouses, parents, and business partners (co-founders and owners of Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness in NYC, uwsyoga.com). Ingrid discovered yoga in the early 1990s (after decades of being a klutz) and Stephan in 2005 (after decades of exploring various sports and martial arts). Both Stephan and Ingrid are RYTs and Urban Zen Integrative Therapists. Together and independently they have spent over 25 years working with diverse populations (with yoga and in previous careers) from the homeless and incarcerated to the economically secure. Ingrid is also a Reiki Master in the Usui lineage, Ordained Interfaith Minister, and Feng Shui consultant. Stephan has been a senior teacher with the Lineage Project since 2007, as well as a kindergarten teacher, outdoor educator, and actor. Together and independently they have traveled in and explored over 40 countries.

For information contact: info@internationalyoga.com 

March 21 – 27  with Ram Wiener    ~ Yoga Retreat

Contact: http://www.yogaville.org   for more information.

March 29 – April 4     with Megan Bingman

Private Retreat



tritriThis transformational one-week, residential retreat returns to Guatemala for the third time, for those seeking a life-changing deep dive into their heart’s yearnings, wounds, and power and to ultimately live a life in loving freedom. This adventure is facilitated by 3 experienced faculty members from ISTA (International Schools of Temple Arts) Triambika Ma Vive, Lawrence Lanoff & Araminta Barbour. All information and registration details are available at: www.guatemalatraining.com 

​ You will receive guidance and hands on experience in the areas of: emotional release, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming, conscious communication, rituals of initiation, lawrencelanoff copyenergy tracking and a powerful sexual clearing and activation processes.

 The entire course is designed to support all individuals to find, feel, claim, and express their highest Life expression. If it is your truth, it is possible to complete the entire training/experience without touching another person. ​

aramintaheadshotCan you imagine what it would be like to live at your optimal, efficient, vibrant, connected, and integrated state?
Together, integrated, we begin to see what it means to be awake, empowered in community, and in service as Love in the world.

 Full information, including video interviews, testimonials from previous participants, an overview of ISTA and these 3 facilitators, booking details and much more is available here: www.guatemalatraining.com ​
​Prices:  * A De​posit of $1000 is required to secure your space

(Deposit received by January 15, 2015)

Guatemalan Residents: $1,600
International Single $1,900
International Couple $1,750

​ (per person)​

(Deposit* received on or after January 15, 2015)

Guatemalan Residents: $1,750
International Single: $2,350
International Couples $ 2,100
[Repeat attendees: $1500.00]

** Training price includes the use of all facilities, lovely ​shared ​accommodation, and healthy, delicious meals over the course of seven days, 6 nights. Transportation to the retreat is not included.​

Email: info@guatemalatraining.com for more information

 April 11 – 18th     Cindy Boulter, Stefanie Bradie  and Theresa Murphy

Guatemala Adventure

Travel with us to the magnificent Lake Atitlan in the heart of Guatemala.   This is an adventure, a journey an exploration. Do everything or nothing. Come to wonder at the beauty of the world and find wonder in yourself.

In this place of splendor you will feel the power of nature all around you. From the rich earth under your feet, Shakti (energy, power, movement, change, nature) will be set in motion. Challenge yourself to climb a volcano, kayak around the lake, or hike the many trails on the hills around you and explore the power of your own body.

Energy alone however can produce nothing; consciousness, Shiva (pure consciousness), bestows upon it content, form and direction. Only when Shiva and Shakti combine can action, movement and creation arise. Through meditation and/or yoga we will work to connect our root chakra, the place of Shakti energy, and our connection to the earth with our crown chakra, where Shiva, consciousness resides and how we are connected spiritually.

Together we will practice karma yoga, or Seva, selfless service as we volunteer with some local enterprises. Selfless service plays a role in our development toward self-realization. Our soul’s signature is set through pure expressions of inspiration, commitment and gratitude to serve others.

Which brings us to Shanti, peace. This is inner peace, the harmony of body, mind and spirit, and the peace we take into the world. Shakti – Shiva – Seva – Shanti – Om.

7 nights * 3 delicious vegetarian meals daily  * Daily Meditation and Yoga *  Hiking and Kayaking * Art making

* Visits to local markets  *  Volunteering *  Mayan Shaman ceremonies

Cindy Boulter, RYT-500, ERYT-200, BSc., Yoga Therapeutics
My interest in health and fitness began when I was a little girl with dreams of becoming a competitive gymnast. This Cindypassion lead to a quick progression from gymnast to coach and then to opening my own fitness club at 22. I took advantage of every learning opportunity that came my way, and soon had the credentials to lead successful workshops and seminars including international conferences like World Fitness IDEA. After my first experience with yoga in 2001, I immediately fell in love with the practice and knew it had to become part of my life. Since that day I have been practicing, teaching, and taking every training possible in order to continuously learn and further embody the practice.  Cindy’s Linked In page.
Stefanie Bradie RYT-500
StephanieBradieI studied and then practiced architecture for nearly thirty years. There is discipline, attention to detail and an awareness necessary to create functioning, aesthetically satisfying spaces for people to live and work in.  I love the world of design and I have enjoyed the privilege of working with many fascinating people but stress was starting to trump joy and I needed to make a change. I had this recurring dream that I was sitting on a hill under a tree looking out over a beautiful valley but I could not sit still. I longed for the stillness but I could not inhabit it. In 2006 I decided to quit my job and reconnect with myself.   As always when you make space you allow new things to enter your life.  It was then that I took my first yoga class. Coming to my yoga mat I experienced both a sense of play and a sense of stillness. I felt empowered and graceful. I loved the lessons on practicing non-judgment, moving beyond fear and opening my heart. Yoga re-connected me to my essential self and it has revealed a path of learning and teaching and love.
Theresa Murphy, E-RYT-500
My deepest intention in teaching yoga is to expand minds, open hearts, and to be a catalyst for discovering the wisdomTheresa and wonder of an embodied life. I cross-pollinate from many traditions, weaving together various combinations of skillful intentional sequencing, sustained holds in poses, rigorous vinyasa, therapeutics, yin yoga, breathwork, individualized alignment, anatomy study, wisdom teachings, meditation, chanting, and open exploration of physical and mental awareness.  In my teaching as well as in my studies and practice of yoga and meditation, I embrace the philosophy of an “All Encompassing Practice”. I believe the narrow vision of fundamentalism only serves to strengthen the illusion of separation. All practices which support self reflection are worthy of respect, and no single method is the only way for everyone.     www.theresamurphy.net

Contact Stefanie.bradie@gmail.com for more information and pricing.

April 12 – 18  Kari Zabel  ~ YOL Yoga & Service Project Retreat

KariZJoin YOL on an inspiring adventure to majestic Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan Highlands.  Relax refresh and reconnect on an authentic retreat designed for your mind, body and heart led by Kari Zabel.
What is YOL?
YOL offers transformative mind, body and service experiences designed for high performers, corporate groups and YolFacebookCover_200dpi copyindividuals all over the world.
Included in your retreat:
- Beautiful accommodations for 7 days and nights (6 in tranquil Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitlan with views of the lake and volcanoes and 1 in historic Antigua) and transfers to /from Guatemala City, taxes, and local gratuities
- 3 delicious, primarily vegetarian meals/day
- Daily yoga and guided meditation
- YOL signature service project with Amigos de Santa Cruz, a community-based organization that offers programs in nutrition, education, and vocational training to local villagers
- Traditional lunch prepared by Amigos culinary program participants
- Your choice of day activity: kayak, paddle boarding or cooking class
- Guided tour of the village of Santa Cruz
** Massages, spa treatments, and private yoga sessions available but not included in the trip cost
Trip Lead – Kari Zabel       Kari discovered yoga in 2000 while living a hectic urban life in New York City. She practiced yoga off and on while working in the nonprofit world and throughout law school. Kari credits her yoga practice with her decision to forgo the field of law to instead study the origins of the spirit. Kari has now been teaching since 2003 and is one of the few certified Jivamukti yoga teachers in the Bay Area. She has taught thousands of classes to students across the United States and Europe, assisted her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life at Yoga Journal Conferences, co-taught teacher trainings, and led workshops and retreats in the U.S. and abroad. She is known for intelligent sequencing, great music and the light, positive spirit she brings to the classroom.
For pricing information and to book your spot on this unique retreat, contact David at info@yoltrips.com.
For more information on YOL, visit www.yoltrips.com.

 April 18 – 24 ~   with Romy Toussaint  Yoga Retreat

Retreat to Guatemala, the land of eternal spring.  Located on the southern border of Mexico, Guatemala with a largely native population and its Mayan culture, religion, costume, and community values. We begin with 6 days at Villa Sumaya, with the enchanting beauty and peace of Lake Atitlan where the elements of the earth are powerful and abundant.   Relax  and renew in the midst of exquisite nature and the panorama of three majestic volcanoes. Each day we will explore the elements in our bodies as we practice and meditate, surrounded by the spectacular lake ringed with volcanoes, great mountains and Indian villages.  You can swim, hike, kayak, visit local villages and have ample time to rest and replenish.  Choose to simply sit and be still while enjoying the stunning displays of light upon the waterin a hammock in the lush gardens of the retreat center. Feed the senses with an exquisite landscape and strengthen your connection with nature.

Single, Double & Triple Accommodations available ~ stand by for package rates and details, coming soon!

romyRomy integrates her training in Iyengar, Anusara and Kundalini Yoga into a Vinyasa style Asana practice.  She uses music, poetry, dance and hands-on assist to make classes fun and challenging while emphasizing careful attention to alignment.  Romy encourages students to listen, honor, and work with their bodies using the breath as a guide and to incorporate yoga into their daily lives.


Contact Us 

April 25 – May 3rd –  with Will Duprey –

300 RYT Advanced Teacher Training  Fire of Purification                                                                           

NOW you are ready to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga and live in it. As we integrate into the philosophies that enrich our living we begin to observe directly through contact with like-minded practitioners. If one is born with all the tools to obtain a state of yoga then certainly being around others with the same goal allows for certain discovery of that spark within. The Advanced Training will take you deeper into the integration of practice to enrich the living experience. Even though we commonly view Hatha Yoga as being a physical practice involving multiple styles it is a distinct science referred to as Shadanga Yoga. This distinct path focuses particularly on prana and awakening the divine energy.   Essentially we practice a way to develop that burn for living, teaching and creating.

Comprised of three distinct modules – JOURNEY TO SELF, FIRE OF PURIFICATION, and SONG WITHIN – that fulfill 300 hours of Advanced Training and are a registered program with Yoga Alliance.  Fire of Purification or Journey to Self are required before attending Song Within.   Fire of Purification and Journey to Self can be taken in any order. Completion of all three modules acts as a bridge program bringing a 200 RYT to a 500 RYT. Enrollment in each module is limited to offer a better student to teacher ratio and to keep the quality of the program at it’s highest standards. Certification for 500 RYT will be given upon completion of all course requirements. All of Will Duprey Yoga training programs and retreats donate %3 for Change. That’s right! 3% of profits will be made toward efforts in directly helping the local community or a designated organization of change . . . So while you are working within you are financially and spiritually contributing in the world outside.

To learn more about this Advanced Teacher Training and William Duprey –www.willdupreyyoga.com

Teacher Bio:William Duprey teaches Sadhana. He was initiated by Sri Dharma Mittra and studied with him one-to-one until receiving his blessing to teach then began a similar course of study in Siddha Medicine. Will attends to many practices including chanting with Dr. M. A. Jayashree. He integrates his studies of yoga, medicine and mantra with life experience and traditional Hatha Yoga to emphasize a system of personal transformation that encourage students to discover inner awareness and reach new heights. To know Will is to know an uplifting and humorous teacher with an ability to integrate philosophy and subtle energy into classes in a light-hearted loving way. His advanced teacher training programs are based on his own practices, methodology and teachings of his teachers to present a complete holistic system that promotes positive feelings and stability in body, mind and spirit. His teachings of chakra bandha theory, including pranayama, and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika are known internationally. The emphasis in all of his work is for the student to develop their own way – their perfect path of yoga. While not teaching, Will is an avid hiker and is fond of beekeeping, waterways and growing food. Will holds an E-RYT 500 and Will Duprey Yoga is an RYS at the 200 and 500 levels


April 25 – May 2  Dance the 5Rhythms® into Bliss with Evangelos Diavolitsis         Tatiana Nemchin, Joel Delaquis and Maya Lewandowsky                    

Bliss –utter joy or deep contentment; complete happiness

 Evangelos Diavolitsis photo low res 5Rhythms Yoga retreatFind the courage to follow your bliss, opening doors to a playful and meaningful world of purpose and creativity.   Release fear-based and outdated stories to unleash your untamed bliss. Explore how to mindfully move through personal obstacles and unwind the tensions of daily life by stretching, dancing, drumming, singing and celebrating the infinite source of ever present bliss. Hours from this retreat count towards accreditation for Evangelos’ Meditation Moves certification program. Activities include dance, yoga, percussion, vocal exploration and a traditional Mayan ceremony. Private money, life, vocal and percussion coaching available.

Per person double occupancy:    $1599 (Maya Rose House)    $1679 (Lotus House)

Per person triple occupancy:     $ 1569 (Lotus House)

Private accommodations: Add $500 for single supplement

Includes Bliss retreat activities*, 7 nights’ accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals per day, unlimited coffee/tea/filtered water. *Daily 5Rhythms® & yoga practices, percussion and vocal activities, evening programming including a traditional Mayan ceremony. Flight, transfers, beverages and gratuities not included.

Note:   *Book by November 15 for a free coaching session *

– $500 non-refundable deposit due upon booking
– Full payment required by January 15, 2015
– Prices listed in Canadian dollars

Retreat info. : Tatiana Nemchin :: 613-219-9642 ::   info@ studiomouvement.com

 Your Teachers

Evangelos Diavolitsis

Evangelos is a certified 5Rhythms® facilitator and meditation teacher who trained directly with movement shaman Gabrielle Roth.  He has been continuously studying with meditation masters Achariya Doug Duncan Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei since 2002. He studied at Theravadan monasteries in Asia and a wide range of teachers in the Namgyal Lineage including Namgyal Rinpoche.  He has also received teachings from Sakya Trinzin, Lama Ole and the Dalai Lama. His compassionate and investigative nature encourages students to view fear and confusion as an opportunity for growth and transformation. He has a passion for integrating the path of awakening with movement, art and business.      www.meditationmoves.ca

Tatiana Ishwari Nemchin  is a certified yoga teacher and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach®, movement Tatiana Nemchin Joel Delaquis exhalted warrior Holboxfacilitator and event producer based in Ottawa, Canada. Her passion is to inspire others to rediscover their life purpose and to trust their intuition to create the life they love.

Tatiana and Joël co-founded Mouvement and co-produce transformational events; weaving together mindfulness practices, such as yoga, percussion and dance as tools for connecting, playing and enhancing well-being. In their work with community, not for profit organizations and corporate clients, Tatiana and Joël use the power of movement and rhythm to help build and strengthen community, teams and spirit.

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram    More at studiomouvement.com

Maya Lewandowsky photo 5Rhythms Yoga retreatMaya Lewandowsky  distinction as a singer and dancer has seen her performing and touring professionally in Europe, North America and Asia for over two decades. Maya studied classical opera singing and contemporary vocal techniques at the University of Tel-Aviv in Israel from 1995 to 2001.  Since then she has been discovering and developing the voice in its multifaceted forms.  Her explorations and study in expanding and freeing the voice have included vocal exercise, body awareness, dance and guided meditation.  Most recently in 2012 she completed the International Advanced Voice Workshop with Richard Armstrong, a pioneer in the Extended Voice method.   www.freeyournaturalvoice.com    www.lacaravan.com

Joël Delaquis  A musician, yoga teacher and event producer, Joël has toured and travelled extensively as soul adventurer, museum interpreter, and professional recording artist. He has over thirty years of experience in the production of national events with expertise in programming, communications, artistic direction, training, production and the performing arts. His visionary spirit brings depth, curiosity and expansiveness to projects and collaborations.

studiomouvement.com / facebook.com/studiomouvement / elaborhythm.com


June 27 – July 11 – Michelle Maue – Clayton Yoga 200hr. YTT

Michelle - Clayton YogaClayton Yoga, established in June, 2003, welcomes all levels and backgrounds to join us in playful yoga where each and every student is encouraged to go at their own pace. Clayton Yoga Teacher Training is the First Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Training School in Missouri. Since 2003 Clayton Yoga has completed 40 Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings and graduated more than 380 students throughout the world.
Our Vinyasa Yoga is about both movement AND breath. When we move from our breath, we learn to stay present and calm. We learn to detach and move through our day with greater ease and empowerment.
Clayton Yoga’s Yoga Teacher Training course also offers highly profitable and winning marketing training and business tips to attract your own yoga students and build a prospering yoga business. Since 2010, Clayton Yoga Teacher Training offers teacher trainings throughout the world and has graduated over 400 students.
The best way to get all the information you need about our yoga teacher training courses is to take advantage of a complimentary consultation with us today! Please visit http://claytonyogainternational.com/call/ to setup your call!
YTT video testimonials.


January 16 – 23, 2016        Janet Macleod ~ Yoga Vacation

Certified as an Iyengar Yoga Instructor in 1983, she continues to study with the Iyengar family in India and in the West having attended many conventions. Her teaching style is demanding on all levels; this combined with her ability to create a joyful atmosphere in class has a transformative effect on students.
She teaches classes to the general public in San Francisco; teaches in the Teacher Training Program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco and conducts retreats and workshops worldwide.    http://jmacleodyoga.com/index.html

For more information about the retreat contact:

Paul Levine :    Emailpaul@zerokdesigns.com                Telephone: (415) 533 8894


February 20 – 27, 2016   with Alexia Bauer    Yoga Retreat


Join Alexia and Adam for a week of balanced and comprehensive practice exploring the spectrum of authentic yoga. Alexia BauerStart your mornings with seated meditation, guided chanting and Mysore style Ashtanga yoga. In the evenings we’ll gather again for Pranayama, conscious relaxation and spirited discussion about the key principles and theory underlying these beautiful traditions. More information on this retreat coming soon.

For more information and registration email: alexia@alexiabauer.com

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