"Villa Sumaya is one of those few places that you can go and finally let go of trying to get more of what you don't need. It is in this oasis of calm that I find I can use all the surrendered energy to make a difference with what I do have and with what I am. I find that there is a moment when I can just get a glimpse of Lake Atitlan as you head toward Panajchel that I start to get really excited, joy-full, like a little kid!!! The whole time there is an experience that you'll never forget or regret."

--Karen Keresturi

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Room Photos

We have nineteen luxurious rooms to choose from.  All rooms have private bath, outdoor space, spectacular views, great decor and orthopedic beds.

Rooms in Maya Rose vary in size and are in a row.  Room 1 is the smallest room and closest to the courtyard.  Room 7 is last room and is the largest and most private.  All rooms in Maya Rose have beautiful semi-private patio spaces, views of the lake and volcanoes.

There are three bungalows (rooms 8-10).  These very private rooms have great views, stylish spacious bathrooms.  All three rooms are located on a hill so there is a climb.  If you have mobility issues, these would not be a good choice.

Lotus House has six identical rooms.  They are very spacious, have private balconies, all have lake views.   Three of the rooms have queen beds and a twin bed and the other three have 3 twin beds.  Rooms 11 and 12 are on the bottom floor, and 15 and 16 are on third floor.  Tara Temple our studio space, is on the top floor.

Bamboo House – Our newest addition boasts three luxurious rooms varying in amenities.  All have spectacular views, private bath, patio and seating areas.

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